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Accelerate your career in beauty with this cutting edge online program from FIT, featuring Allure and leaders from across the beauty industry, that covers all aspects of the industry.

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Learn the Business

Go inside the key areas of the industry with 30+ on demand video lessons and experiences, and learn real-world skills with self-paced projects.

Map Your Career

Learn about various careers in the beauty world, assess your skills, and get first-hand tips and advice on achieving your goals from the biggest names in the business.

Boost Your Cred

Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Beauty Industry Essentials from the world-renowned FIT to enhance your professional profile.



The program includes seven on-demand courses covering topics such as Product Development, Packaging, Marketing and Merchandising, Cosmetics, Fragrance, and Media, and provides students with tools and skills to launch or advance a career in beauty.

Course 1. Introduction & History

Course 1. Introduction & History

Explore the beauty industry as a center of innovation, where newness in artistry, manufacturing processes, technology, and products drives success. Dive into the history of the industry to discover where today’s brands and products got their start. Examine the impact of the digital age and consider on what’s coming next.

Course 2. The Cosmetics World & Beauty Artistry

Course 2. The Cosmetics World & Beauty Artistry

Go inside the cosmetics industry to see the processes, materials, and skill areas that define it. Find out how manufacturers create the array of products available today and how they innovate to develop newer and better offerings. See how color analysts view and select color for their clients.

Course 3. The Business of Fragrance

Course 3. The Business of Fragrance

Take a guided tour of the fragrance landscape, including terminology and insights that bring the phenomenon of scent to life. See the fragrance evaluation process, and get a picture of how fragrances are developed and marketed. Explore the business side of fragrance, including the jobs and roles within the industry.

Course 4. Product Knowledge & Development

Course 4. Product Knowledge & Development

Gain an understanding of both the art and the science behind your favorite products as you explore the journey from the lab bench to the store shelf. Delve into the product development process to understand how innovation and production take place. Learn how to analyze the market landscape to bring a new product to market.

Course 7. Beauty Media

Course 7. Beauty Media

Explore the foundations of beauty journalism, looking at how writing for beauty magazines differs from writing for the internet and digital media. Examine the impact of social media on the beauty industry and learn about best practices. Get first-hand insight into the career possibilities in beauty media.

Course 5. Packaging & Presentation

Course 5. Packaging & Presentation

See how professional packaging designers use color, structural design, typography, and printing techniques to create not just a package, but a communication and marketing tool. Learn how a designer moves from research and inspiration to sketches and prototypes, with actual packaging and portfolio work as examples.

Course 6. Beauty Marketing And Merchandising

Course 6. Beauty Marketing And Merchandising

Get an insider’s view of marketing trends and new marketing career opportunities in the beauty industry today. Examine how beauty marketing professionals use the marketing mix and why they care about market segmentation. Learn important merchandising considerations and tactics.

FIT Beauty Industry Essentials - Inquiry


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